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Equine Sports Trainer and Performance Consultant

Ashley Davis has been a horse trainer, equine chiropractor and now works with farriers as a consultant. Ashley was born and raised in eastern New Mexico and grew up on farms and ranches. Ashley trained horses, roped, and competed in rodeos for some 30 years. He has developed a unique methodology to determine causes of muscle soreness in horses. Ashley is able to palpate a horse's muscles and determine if the horse is sore and whether that soreness is due to problems in the foot or another area of the horse's body.

Ashley Davis' Philosophy

`Men have never readily accepted new ideas. Our schools and general thinking are cluttered with beliefs long proved absurd by contemporary knowledge. Man has demonstrated over and over again that the last thing he wants are new ideas. Even when they are desperately needed. Ideas are welcomed as long as they do not contradict theories on which scholarly reputations have been erected.' (1987 by Louis L'Amour)

"Muscles control all movements of the horse."

  • Bad attitudes
  • Resistance in turns
  • Supple in one direction and ridged in the opposite direction
  • Trouble stopping
  • Tough mouths and leaning on bits
  • Sore backs
  • Hollowing of back
  • Picking up the wrong lead
  • Dropping leads
  • Cross firing
  • Shorting of strides
  • Lengthening of strides
  • And, many so called 'mystery' lamenesses

All equine athletes develop training problems when they are experiencing pain. They invariably try to get away from the pain. Sore muscles are the main cause of training issues in horses and include such problems as >>>

When the soreness is relieved, these symptoms and problems disappear. There are a variety of treatments available, and the treatment depends on to whom you are talking. There are veterinarians, chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, and many more praticitioners with opinions on the methods of treatment.

All of these methods of treatment do give some relief, but have to be performed repeatedly with no lasting effects. Too many of these methods treat only the symptoms.


95% of all muscle soreness problems are directly related to the feet.

Ashley's ability to accurately determine the cause of the muscle soreness is based on many years of experience. Ashley has examined thousands of horses during his career and this has provided him with an unmatched education.

Be sure to check out the Testimonials page to read how Ashley helped my horse, J.R. Khan. Teri Rehkopf

Ashley Davis - Equine Sports Trainer and Performance Consultant

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